Fellowship Workshop 2019 Schedule

Friday, Feb. 22

12 Noon Lunch with Board Members                                         Player Hall

1230pm     Registration Opens (starting at 1230pm will give those time to eat lunch without interuptions)

1pm                  Opening Announcements Jason Barrs                Wesley H.

 1:10pm-2:15pm    Fred Bock Reading Session                           Wesley H.

2:15-3:30pm               “ Tricks of the Trade” with John Behnke          Gym                                         

                         (Handbell, Chimes, AGEHR Handbell Notation)

 2:15-3:30pm  Childrens Music with Keith Watson       Joy Sun. Sch. Class

330pm-4pm          Break/Shopping/Holy Conferencing

4pm-515pm          Choral Reading Session (Morning Star)         Wesley H.

515pm                   Break/Shopping

6pm-645pm          Dinner                                                                Player Hall

7pm                       Organ Recital                                                       Sanctuary








Sat. Feb. 23

830am                         Registration                                       Bruner Building

845am                         Morning Meditation                                  Sanctuary

9:15am-10:00am       Youth/Childrens Choir                Joy Sun. Sch. Class  

9:15am-12pm            Handbell  Festival  Rehearsal                             Gym                                                                                    


10am-1045am          Choral Reading Session (Choristers Guild)   Wes. H.

1045am                      Break                                                            Player Hall

11:25-12:15               Organ Seminar (TBA)                                  Sanctuary                       

11:15 -12:15pm        Choral Reading Session (Beckonhorst)    Wesley H.

1215am                      Break                                                                      Gym

1230 pm                     Lunch (after Handbell Choir is served)  Player Hall

1pm (or shortly after 1pm)         Handbell Choir Demonstration     Gym



       Handbell Choir Schedule for Fellowship Workshop 2019

845am                  Morning Meditation                                          Sanctuary

915am-1015am  Rehearsal                                                                      Gym

1015-10:30pm    Break                                                                   Player Hall

1030-1215pm     Rehearsal                                                                      Gym

12:15                    Lunch                                                                   Player Hall

1pm                      Demonstration Program                                             GymType your paragraph here.